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Welcome to Oceanside Middle School!

School starts back up on Tuesday, September 3rd!

Daily Announcements

Dear OMS Families,

Welcome to Oceanside Middle School! The first day of school is fast approaching for all OMS Mariners. I would like to welcome back our returning students and extend a hearty hello to our incoming 6th graders and our new students.

The beginning of every school year is always an exciting time for students, staff, and parents. All of us spend time thinking about all the cool opportunities that OMS can deliver. We want to build on the excitement that we all feel at the start of the year and carry it through the 2019-2020 school year.

This is the first summer that we have not had any major construction or renovations in our building. This has allowed our custodial staff the opportunity to clean and prepare our school for that first day in September. With that in mind, school begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day, which is September 3rd. Our school day starts at 7:30AM and ends at 2:00PM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at school.

We would also like to hear from you if you have any ideas or suggestions that would help support Oceanside Middle School being a great place to learn and grow.

We are looking forward as OMS begins its 4th year and setting sail into new waters.

William Gifford, OMS Principal


From the Crow’s Nest

Welcome back, Oceanside Middle Schoolers!! I would like to send out a big welcome to the incoming 6th grade class parents and students. I do hope that you all had a wonderful summer. Get ready to have fun and learn a lot at OMS.

Here are a few tips for a successful year at Oceanside Middle School:

Show up- your attendance in school plays a large part in how much you learn. If you aren’t here, you are missing out.

Pay attention in class- when you sit down in class, give your teacher your full attention. You will hear more and learn more, as will others around you.

Be respectful- show others how to be courteous and thoughtful, don’t interrupt others, say please and thank you.

Keep your voice at a normal speaking level.
Complete work and turn it in- classwork and homework are practice for what has been learned in the class. Be responsible and get your work done and turned in on a timely fashion.

Read - make sure you have a free reading book with you at all times. The more you read, the smarter you will be.

Enjoy your last days of summer; soak up the warm weather.
I am looking forward to seeing 7th and 8th graders again and meeting our new 6th grade students.

See you soon.
Be safe. Be kind. Be awesome.

Stefani Lund
Assistant Principal
Oceanside Middle School


Looking for some summer reading ideas?  Our librarian, Mrs. DesMeules, has put together some suggestions by grade!  Scroll down for the PDF lists.

RSU 13 Standard Response Protocol


Looking for the OMS Handbook?  CLICK HERE



Curious about the construction process?  CLICK HERE to be directed to a google album created for the OMS additions.


OMS Student Supply List

RSU 13 Student Technology Agreement


Contact Information
47 Valley Street
Thomaston, ME 04861
phone:  207.354.2502
fax:  207.354.2369

Principal:  William Gifford
Assistant Principal:  Stefani Lund
Administrative Assistants:  Valerie Stone and Rebecca Barstow


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