Allied Arts

Allied Arts - 2017
Ms. Desmeules, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Percy, Mr. Plourde, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Leonard, Mrs Duke, Mr. Randall, Mrs. Schaltenbrand


Sylvia Percy

The art program provides opportunities for all students, no matter the level, to develop creativity, imagination and technical abilities in a variety of aspects of this visual arts.  Every student is enrolled in a 9 week quarter at some point during the school year.  Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!

Experiencing and creating art brings life-long enjoyment to students and an array of expressive, analytical and developmental tools to use in their daily lives.  The OMS art program engages students in a process that I feel helps them develop self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation necessary for success in life.

The artwork that students produce will stay in the art room until the Fine Arts Festival that takes place in the spring.  Date and time will be posted as we get closer to the event, it is a feast for the eyes!  After the festival, all students will bring home all their work.


Library Media
Dale Cameron Desmeules 

OMS Library website

Library Media combines reading and discovering good books with a continuation of research skills and information literacy. This year’s focus will be on learning specific research skills: how to locate and evaluate information critically, as well as cite sources and respect copyright. Students will also learn about digital citizenship, cyber safety and coding as well as create media projects. All students will be expected to do silent reading in class.

Industrial Technology
John Hughes

The woodworking class will give students the opportunity to participate in hands on activity that allows students to engage in the task at hand both mentally and physically. Students will use woodworking hand tools and materials to develop creative thinking, problem solving and manual dexterity skills as they make useful projects. All students will have woodworking for 9 weeks during the school year. Projects are planned with the abilities of the student in mind; the projects start from the simple and go to more complex requiring planning and perseverance.


Marian Hotopp
Angela Johnson

The OMS music department consists of Miss Marion Hotopp (chorus 6-8) and Mrs. Angela Johnson (band 6-8).  The choral and band programs provide an opportunity for students to play and sing in a large group ensemble.  Emphasis is on performing music of various cultures and styles with the ultimate goal of presenting a performance to an audience.  Outside of chorus and band class, students have the opportunity to audition for the District III Honors Music Festival, participate in smaller choral or instrumental ensembles and attend music sponsored field trips.  Public concerts are scheduled throughout the year and give students the chance to create, perform and share their musical skills.  Being involved in a large performing ensemble engages students, encourages positive interpersonal skills, helps them set goals and be successful in the arts. We hope to instill a lifelong appreciation and love for music, as we develop their musical talents!

Besides our chorus and band classes, every sixth and seventh grader is enrolled in a General Music Class for one quarter.  This class meets daily for nine weeks and helps students make connections among the arts through music, history and world cultures. Students will investigate the impact of music in their lives, our community and world. All students will be encouraged to set goals, work together and appreciate music in a new way!

Parents are encouraged to contact us anytime if you have a question or concern. The best way to communicate with us is through our school e-mail. 


Physical Education/Health
Joanna Duke
Darren Randall
Kirk Robinson

The physical education department provides each student with the opportunity to participate in an outstanding curriculum consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities.  The students will receive instruction with different skills and sports as well as learning experiences that involve physical activities.  Students will have the opportunities to participate in life long physical activities through sport units.  Our Physical Education program promotes sportsmanship, leadership and fair play.


Health will cover a variety of topics that include the 12 Content Areas required by the State of Maine Department of Education that will meet the standards established for Middle School comprehension. Each content area will be presented as a follow-up to the instruction given in the previous year, with an understanding that students will build upon the concepts learned and develop healthy lifestyles.

Decision making skills, healthy life choices, and consequences - both positive and negative, involved with those choices, will be presented in a manner that fosters open discussion and comprehension of topics discussed.

Topics for discussion include the following: Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Mental / Emotional well -being, Nutrition, Body Image and Growth, Anatomy (Bones & Muscles), Healthy Relationships, Personal Safety and First Aid including CPR, Violence prevention / Bullying, and Disease Prevention – STI’s (these topics will vary in instruction per grade level).

Students will be asked to show comprehension of standards through individual project work, peer and group collaboration, and the use of technology to demonstrate knowledge of concepts presented and learned.


World Language
Christelle McKee

In Grade 6 Exploratory French, students will be introduced to French language and culture. They will learn about where in the world French is spoken, as well as basic vocabulary and grammar.

In grades 7 and 8, students will learn basic sounds, stress patterns and intonation of the language. Emphasis will be on developing oral proficiency and listening comprehension, as well as a solid grammatical foundation. Over the 2 years, students will learn to recognize the geographical locations where French is spoken. They will use the language to express likes, dislikes, and personal preferences; use appropriate vocabulary, gestures, and oral expressions for greetings, introductions, and other common interactions; use vocabulary for a range of topics such as numbers, colors, dates, etc. Students will also learn to understand the basic ideas of short conversations based on familiar topics; provide written descriptions and information on specific level-appropriate topics; compose grammatically simple sentences and basic paragraphs using correct tenses, and demonstrate knowledge of holidays, popular songs, and traditions connected with Francophone cultures. Cultural aspects of the language will be introduced on an on-going basis.